Top 10 Future Technologies That Will Change the World

13 May

Top 10 Future Technologies That Will Change the WorldThis is one of the most exciting times to be alive in history. Things that have been predicted in science fiction are finally starting to arrive; we have phones that have capabilities far beyond that of many computers from just 5-10 years ago. Private companies are beginning to make space travel a reality for those not connected to NASA. Self-driving cars are in development, and advances in medicine are letting more and more people live longer than ever. Let’s talk about some of the most amazing technologies that are available today, from several different categories. Here are a few of the most amazing advances!

Japan’s Moon Base

Japan plans to launch a series of robots to build a moon base by about 2020. The base will be totally contracted by a series of robots, and it will be life-supporting enough for humans to live there. Japan certainly has the technological ability to build a moon base like the one they describe, but it will be difficult for them to be able to front enough money for a massive space venture like that. However, a moon base is CERTAINLY the stuff of science fiction come to life!


While it is true that biofuels already exist in the market today, they are so expensive in most cases that the average person can’t get their hands on any. However, all that is probably due to change in the next 10 years or so. The US Navy has devoted massive resources to making biofuels more competitive as far as price is concerned. If biofuels become a more feasible options for people all over the world, the problem of pollution will be greatly reduced. It is not impossible to have the world mostly dependent on greener forms of energy in the next 10 years!


Our Favorite Green Gadgets

12 May

Our Favorite Green Gadgets

Green gadgets are becoming more and more popular today; better yet, they’ve also become cheaper and cheaper, which means that people like you and me can buy them no problem! Here are a few of the best green gadgets on the market today that preserve the environment and help out a lot with your daily life.

The Goal Zero Nomad 13

This device is perfect for when you’re going to be away from a source of power especially. It is a charger for your mobile devices, all the way up to your laptop computer. The best part? It is 100% solar powered! All you have to do is put it out in the sun and you can start charging your devices right away! You can also use this if you just want to avoid using power to charge your devices. This is the perfect way to keep your devices going WITHOUT tapping into the grid to do so!

Phillips Hue Connected Bulb

LED technology has come a long way and now is used everywhere from home illumination to automotive led lighting. But nothing is quite like the innovation in this bulb; You can control the brightness of the bulb from an app on your smartphone… And you can do it remotely! You can time the bulb to alarms and timers, and you can even upload a picture from your phone and have the bulb match the lighting displayed in the picture.

The Steripen Ultra

This little device allows you to drink water from almost anywhere! You will be able to stir your water with this device and kill all of the bacteria and germs that you DON’T want in your water with no problems! The Steripen uses a small UV generator to kill all of the badness in your water! All you have to do is make sure there are not bad solid particles in the water, and you are good to drink it!

Water Pebble

Taking a shower is one of the easiest ways to waste a lot of water. The Water Pebble makes sure that you are aware of how much water you are using so that you don’t have to waste as much! The Pebble has an LED light indicator that lets you know how much water you’re using. You will also be able to tell if your most recent shower was shorter than your last one.

This Is The Best Way To Use Technology

You don’t have to change your lifestyle to make it more green or more environmentally friendly… A few changes can often have a massive impact on your own personal environment around you. These devices are to help you fit being environmentally friendly into your own world without having to make too many changes. You don’t have to spend thousands to make a difference; often it just takes a few well-placed changes to make a big difference!